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Call for Abstracts
Submission Deadline Extended: COB on January 15, 2016.  Click here to submit a proposal.

ACCO is seeking suggestions for the following:

  • Instructors for any of the bootcamps slated to be offered in 2016;
  • Presenters and topics for the Innovative Tools and Methodologies Showcase; and
  • Workshops focused upon key themes/skills addressed in the Core Competencies for Climate Change Officers.

The following questions will be asked in the submission form:

  • For instructor suggestions:
    • Name and contact information for the recommended for the suggested instructor;
    • Short bio (no more than 300 words) for the suggested instructor; and
    • Any of the bootcamps identified to the right for which this instructor should be considered.
  • For Innovative Tools and Methodologies Showcase presentations:
    • Name and contact information for the recommended for the suggested instructor;
    • Short bio (no more than 300 words) for the suggested presenter; and
    • Proposed 10-minute presentation description (should be related to a tool or planning methodology that can be leveraged or replicated by attendees in their own organizations and communities).
  • For workshop proposals:
    • Suggested title for the workshop;
    • Proposed workshop description and learning objectives;
    • Name and contact information for each suggested presenter; and
    • Short bio (no more than 300 words) for each suggested presenter.

All speaker recommendations should be recognized subject matter experts and possess strong public speaking skills.  Contact information and bios will be required for all suggested presenters.

Submitters will receive a formal response in early 2016.

Bootcamps Confirmed for the 2016 CSF

Previously Offered Bootcamps:

Climate-101: Understanding Climate Science & the Latest Projections

Climate-201: Identifying Climate Hazards & Conducting Vulnerability Assessments

Climate-202: Leveraging Climate Data and Tools

Climate-203: Developing an Adaptation Plan for Your Organization

GHG-101: Basics of GHG Accounting, Reporting & Disclosing GHG Emissions

GHG-102: The Fundamentals of the Energy, Water & Food Nexus

GHG-201: Establishing GHG Reduction Goals & GHG Management Structures

Energy-201: Developing & Enhancing Your Renewable Energy Strategy

Energy-202: Price Stabilization and Renewables Procurement through Power Purchase Agreements

SupplyChain-101: Introduction to Assessing Climate Related Risks in the Supply Chain

SupplyChain-201: Getting Actionable Supply Chain Data and Engaging Suppliers

SupplyChain-202: Prioritizing Supply Chain Initiatives and Strategies for Implementation

Governance-101: Engaging Stakeholders & Establishing Strategies for Leading Organizational Change

Economics-101: The Economics of Climate Change

Economics-201: Putting a Price on GHG Emissions

Enterprise-201: Analyzing & Quantifying Climate Risk, Assessing Materiality and Disclosing Climate Risk

New Bootcamps in Development:
Note: Links to preliminary course descriptions and learning objectives for the following bootcamps will be made available shortly

Climate-204: Engaging in Regional Adaptation Initiatives

Climate-502: Climate Change and National Security: Geopolitics, Natural Resource Impacts and Extreme Events

GHG-301: Developing and Managing and Internal Carbon Fee

Commodities-201: Procuring REC and Offset Projects with Tangible Benefits

Additional bootcamps will be announced shortly